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ETu Shuangtuo PRO MAX
ETu Shuangtuo PRO MAX
Model Appearance Model interior Functional Features Model configuration
The ultimate in sandwich wall insulation
Vehicle body using the second generation of five-layer insulation wall design whole car box to achieve thermal break, inside the aluminum alloy skeleton forehead insulation layer thickness up to 7CM, with the ultimate car insulation performance. Realize t
Robust and subtle appearance
With a new styling front design, large electric mirrors and integrated headlamps with high and low beam. The deflector is equipped as standard, which enhances the face value and reduces wind resistance.
European Craft Chinese Traditional Furniture Design
The entire interior of the car using European technology, wood grain with quartz stone countertops, furniture rounded design, reduce the collision hazard, the overall space inside the car more open
Large capacity, compartment for everything
The dimensions of the cargo compartment are 5990*2490 * 3180
The interior is all about practicality
The interior is very spacious, with wide horizontal and vertical dimensions. While ensuring large space in the cab, the abundant storage space can also meet the daily storage needs of the driver and passengers.
Super Power Long Standby
Adopt 48V intelligent circuit control system. 1200W power station grade solar panel with 48V 250AH equivalent to 12V1000AH iron phosphate battery (12.5 degrees electricity), can realize 24 hours * 7 days operation without external recharge of the whole ve
  • Super performance
  • excellent quality
Super large insulation water purification tank 300 liters, the whole vehicle water configuration over 400 liters
Maximum 85L gray water tank, the heat generated by the vehicle can achieve automatic heat recovery and recycling only in the automatic hot water function can enjoy a hot shower. Water pump intake system with self-priming function.
  • Super performance
  • excellent quality
Intelligent APP control system for the whole vehicle
The tablet computer that comes with the car has an APP that integrates the intelligent control of the caravan with the information display, which can view the remaining battery power/voltage, battery discharge power, water level and temperature of the wat
  • Super performance
  • excellent quality
Model configuration
Vehicle type ETu Shuangtuo PRO MAX
Market Guide Price ¥1418000
Basic parameters
Basic parameters
Car length/car width/car height (MM)
5990*2490 * 3180
Import Iveco Newdaily
Horsepower (PS)
Torque (N.m)
Drive form
Into front and rear drive
Engine Type
FPT Fiat Powertech F1C diesel VGT turbocharged engine
Rear wheel form
post-double birth
Authorized number of passengers
Technical parameters of the entire car
Technical parameters of the entire car
Water purification tank(L)
Grey water tank(L)
Black water tank(L)
Lithium iron phosphate batteries
Inverter + Charger
Solar panels
Standard configuration
Standard configuration
Double bed (head)
2180×1500 mm
External gravity water filling port
Intelligent water absorption function
Carosi traveling cold air
Webasto parking fuel warm air
双人床(尾部)Double bed (end)
2180×1200 mm
Note: In view of the continuous improvement and upgrading of the product, the actual configuration of the product and other information may differ from the configuration table Please consult your local dealer or call 400-089-1318 for details.。