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Dofine C615 Player Edition-Z
Dofine C615 Player Edition-Z
Model Appearance Model interior Functional Features Model configuration
Iveco RV special Olsen chassis
Length, width and height
The car length, width and height are: 5995×2260/2335/2410×3080 (mm), wheelbase 3300mm, rated torque 400N.m
Trinity body design
The body is a one-piece fiberglass molding, no risk of water leakage, small wind resistance, strong passability
The interior layout design of front double bed + L-shaped card seat sofa + rear longitudinal bed, the overall style of the living area favors the original wood tone, the visual effect is more calm and heavy
Forehead insulation effect
2170×1400mm forehead overhead double bed, special forehead shape makes the bed space more adequate, fully able to accommodate two people to rest, maximum thermal insulation effect
Safe and reliable system
The dual vehicle electrical control center, touch screen and mechanical switches work together to ensure a safer and more reliable system; in addition, Longchui's unique emergency start device, when you press the start button in the cockpit, you can use t
  • Touch screen and mechanical switch synergistic processing
  • traveling with its own hitchhiker
L-shaped fabric sofa
The meeting area is made of L-shaped fabric sofa, and it is very comfortable for the family to sit around for dinner, chat and afternoon tea.
Model configuration
Vehicle type Dofine C615 Player Edition - Z Vertical Bed Edition
Market Guide Price ¥549900
Basic parameters
Basic parameters
Emission standards
National 6
Rated torque(N.m)
Maximum power(kW)
Rear longitudinal queen bed + L-shaped sofa
Max. total mass(kg)
Overall mass(kg)
Rated passenger capacity (people)
Technical parameters of the entire car
Technical parameters of the entire car
■ ZF original imported ZF eight-speed automatic transmission (8AT)
Tire specification
■ 195/75R16LT 10PR
Auxiliary Systems
■ Primary and secondary airbags + cruise control + 150A + 150A dual generators
Cab interior
■ Cab soft package + steering wheel leather wrap
Body Structure
■ Non-integral surround body bottom + Trinity dolphin roof (fiberglass)
Circuit System
■ 3000W inverter + 800Ah lithium battery + 500W solar panel + centralized touch control system
Water system
■ 210L water purification tank + 60L grey water tank + self-priming pump
Standard configuration
Standard configuration
■ 32" LCD TV
■ Composite blue insulated aluminum plate body
■ Range hoods for caravans
■ Induction cooker 2000W
■ Microwave Oven
■ 148L Refrigerator (Frost)
■ 3Kg washing machine (with drying) MoBo
■ Electric water heater for RV (Truma 14L)
■ Dual rotor inverter air conditioner (Dometic)
■ Independent Ebenezer diesel heater
Note: In view of the continuous improvement and upgrading of the product, the actual configuration of the product and other information may differ from the configuration table Please consult your local dealer or call 400-089-1318 for details.。