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Dofine C615 Player Edition-X
Dofine C615 Player Edition-X
Model Appearance Model interior Functional Features Model configuration
Dolphin Top Design
Trinity dolphin top design, smooth and soft lines, like the spirit of the sea jumping
Body size
One-piece molding, excellent insulation performance, body size 5995×2410×3080, wilfully shuttle mountains, rivers, lakes and seas
Interior layout upgrade
Front to card seat, rear pull-out vertical bed layout, large sense of space, both business & travel
Low-key luxury color scheme
The use of American imported red oak solid wood furniture, elegant and luxurious. Original wood style, suitable for both young and old
  • High-end solid wood with class
No main light design
Hidden light strip, full of atmosphere. Uniform light throughout the car, go out and have a home like a comfortable feeling
Zero Pressure Memory Mattress
Special mattress structure design, for sleep, ride to bring a very comfortable experience, easy to sweep away the fatigue of long trips
  • Meet the choice of senior RV players
Model configuration
Vehicle type Dorphin C615 Player Edition-X Pull-out longitudinal bed
Market Guide Price ¥589900
Basic parameters
Basic parameters
Maximum power(kW)
Rated torque(N.m)
Emission standards
National 6
Chassis manufacturers
Nanjing Automobile Group Co.
Rated passenger capacity (people)
Fuel type
Technical parameters of the entire car
Technical parameters of the entire car
Braking System
■ Front and rear disc brake,ABS
Auxiliary Systems
■ Cruise control + BOSCH ESP9.3 + multifunctiaon steering wheel
Main and passenger seats
■ Main and passenger air suspension seats
Cab interior
■ Driver's seat microfiber soft package + steering wheel leather wrap
Body Structure
■ Trinity dolphin roof (fiberglass) + composite blue insulation aluminum plate body
Layout form
■ 4 people sitting on the card seat (can be transformed into a bed), after the pull-out longitudinal bed + front door
Standard configuration
Standard configuration
■ Round induction cooker 800W
■ Microwave Oven
■ Range hoods for caravans
■ 142L Refrigerator (Thetford)
■ 3Kg washing machine (with drying) MoBo
■ Electric water heater for RV (Truma 14L)
■ Toilet seat for RV (Dometic)
■ 48V Inverter
■ Residential inverter air conditioner (Fujitsu)
■ 32" LCD TV
Note: In view of the continuous improvement and upgrading of the product, the actual configuration of the product and other information may differ from the configuration table Please consult your local dealer or call 400-089-1318 for details.。